Welcome Bob Stei to Good Music Radio now on Monday Mornings at 8am Mtn. Time.

The Stei Radio Network is an unusual musical trip hosted by Philadelphia native and radio veteran Bob Stei. The four-hour ride begins with an hour of Classic Hits and Rock, with a few stories and snarky comments thrown in. Then, it’s the “All 1980’s Request Hour” where we will cuff our acid jeans and discuss our memories while playing some of the greatest songs from the decade. Before you can get too crazy with the Aqua net, it will be time fir the “All 1990’s Hour” and a visit to Grunge, Britpop and beyond. The final hour is tribute to Stei’s musical idol Morrissey with a block of Smiths and Morrissey songs during “Mandatory Morrissey” before finishing up with some great Classic Rock and Hits songs!

The Stei Radio Network is interactive and a lot of fun. You’ll also hear about life in suburban Philadelphia with three kids and four pets! Come take the journey with The Stei Radio Network.