That thing with Rich Appel on Good Music Radio Saturdays 2pm – 5pm Mtn. Time

Good Music Radio

That thing with Rich Appel is a weekly three-hour trip to Classic Top 40 as it was (and never was), complete with to-the-post talk-ups, era-matching jingles and commercials listeners haven’t heard in forever.

that thing includes audience-engaging features like “A Year in an Hour,” “the World’s Shortest Countdown,” “the slow-dance make-out song of the week” and – what really sets us apart every weekend – songs carefully (and cleverly) chosen for each weekend’s birthdays and events in history.

that thing also offers special programming heard nowhere else, including: April’s annual countdown of the “I.R.S. 10-99” (as in, “It Really Shoulda” been a bigger hit!); May-June’s Class Reunion specials; the “Holiday Hundred” countdown of the biggest hits of Christmas-New Year’s weeks through the years (which 35 affiliates also just aired as a 7-hour special on New Year’s Eve and/or New Year’s Day); and coming up Super Bowl weekend, our second annual “Tele-lection” counting down listeners’ favorite TV show themes.

Programmers have called that thing “phenomenal,” “a burst of personality” and “the best three hours on the air today.” Listeners say it’s “appointment radio,” has “brought back the personality today’s radio has lost” and is “unlike anything ever heard before.”  (Those and more comments at